Request a Catalog

Request A Catalog


Get a Stampin' Up! catalog, my gift to you.

Get a Stampin’ Up! catalog, my gift to you.


Catalogs are so nice.  It’s like going to a store, but in your jammies with a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.  I mostly use the Online Catalog. However, when I need to see the size of something, physical catalogs tell exactly the size, color, and uses no electricity.

I never charge for catalogs, they are my gift to you.  Shipping for an annual catalog is $6.30, unless you are one of my regular customers, or plan on placing an order within 90 days of receiving your catalog, then shipping is also free, my gift to you. (Use the enclosed catalog coupon.) If you have a regular demonstrator that you order from already, please request your catalog from your demonstrator.

Here are the all the current catalogs.  You can view them online in their entirety by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you so much.

Link to request a catalog & pay shipping (refunded when the coupon is used):