Did you know . . .

You could SAVE 20% by joining as demonstrator?


Yep, you could save on the things you already love. PLUS get in on the pre-ordering, catalogs, and inside stuff.

More? Yes the more you get, the bigger the percentage you save.

  • I started as Hobby Demo, that’s someone who is just here for the discount — And I found out that’s all right!
  • In fact, I found there are a lot of us. Imagine being surrounded by people who love making cards, scrapbooking, doing paper crafts. Well imagine no more!
  • You customize the kit any way that you like. (I recommend you talk or email me first — I have certain ideas you want to hear when choosing what to buy.)

I don’t need to read more – I’m in!

Starter Kit PDF

Earn money, why yes you can, and I help in several ways:

  • My upline (and yours if you come in through me) has a Million dollars in sales by helping. Patty does free-give-aways, classes, Facebook, tips and more. They’ve helped me, they’ll help you.
  • I started as Hobby Demo, then I had so much fun, I wanted to share the fun as a business.
  • Coming through me you get
    • Personalized attention, learn business from someone in two businesses for over 30 years.
    • Greater chance to win my free-give-aways.
    • Get both Patty’s tips and My tips.
    • My personalized Facebook pages, exclusive to our team members.
    • Monthly meetings with live stamping online. (yes, you can watch anywhere.)
    • Monthly PDF tutorials with card and/or project ideas.
    • Fun training available for those interested.
  • In fact, there are so many who turn their passions into businesses.
  • You customize the kit any way that you like. (I recommend you talk or email me first — I have certain ideas you want to hear when choosing what to buy. If you want a business, I can help you pick what you need.)
  • Build your Starter Kit your way! For just $99, you get
    • Your choice of up to $125 worth of any current Stampin’ Up! products!
    • A business supply pack valued at $50!

    That’s a total value of $175!

  • Click the link above to see all the demonstrator benefits and compensation available.
  • You do as much as you want to, be there for family, and get a discount.
  • Be part of a community that shares your goals — and helps along the way.

Stampin’ UP! Benefits: (these are available to ANYONE that joins Stampin’ UP! not exclusive to our team)

  • 20% off all orders, and a 20% commission on orders placed with you
  • 25% off orders after Bronze Elite level (ask me to explain this), 25% commission
  • For $99, you get to choose $125 in product
  • Free shipping on your kit, this is a 10% savings
  • Be the first to: view catalogs online, and get your hands on new products
  • No risk, when you join you get to enjoy the benefits and discounts mentioned above for your first full quarter with Stampin’ UP!
  • If you happen to hit $300 in sales during your first full quarter your membership with us is renewed and you can continue enjoying benefits.  If not, then you “drop” and there is no penalty.

Does it really matter who I choose?

Yes, it really does matter what demonstrator you join!  If you have thought about becoming a Stampin’ UP! demonstrator, make sure you that you ask a few valuable questions to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

I came in through one person and had to stop Stampin’ Up! for three months to join through someone else.  Ask me what a difference it makes who you choose. I can help you make a better choice. I do more because I’ve experienced what a difference demonstrators make. (By the way, my first demonstrator was good, but life changes stood in both our ways.)

Here are questions you should ask, and I later learned the hard way:

Q: My mojo is nil, do you inspire projects?

A: Yes.  We do.  In our fun facebook group and in monthly online meetings.

Q: Can I contact you if I have questions?

A: Of course.  I have text and email and telephone options. I get back as soon as I hear from you. (usually sooner than 24 hours.) If I’m on my one-week vacation with my family, I call, text, or email nightly. I even have an exclusive email just for your questions.

Q: Do you have a virtual community?

A: Yes I do.  Our monthly meeting and part of Facebook communities.

Q: I am interested in building a business.  Do you provide training?

A: Yes.  I do one-on-one training, monthly meetings, tips from me and Patty, and others in our groups. Stampin’ Up! has LOTS of resources. I point you to the ones you need, as you need them, or sooner. LOTS of online videos showing what to do and how to do them.

Do you have more questions?

Please feel free to contact me at cus_svc@StampingElan.com

You can sign up to be part of our team by clicking HERE