STAMPARATUS — reserve one now!

Hey I want to tell everybody about the exciting new tool!

It's called the Stamparatus by Stampin-Up!

Now I'm not a patient person, so I have the Stamp Perfect and the Stamp Platform. I should've waited for the Stamparatus by Stampin-Up!

Well it's finally here. You can reserve one starting at 4 PM Eastern time, 3 o'clock central time, 2 PM mountain time, 1 PM Pacific time.

Nope, you can't order it, but you have to have a credit card to reserve it. It'll be coming in February. Want to learn more about it? Here are the details.




Everyone that orders from me will get my free class & chat, learn more than ever. (I have similar tools & have learned a lot!) And this is the best so far!!!

REMEMBER you can only reserve during November 16-30, 2017 reservation window with delivery on or around February 1, 2018. The reservation window opens at 2:00 PM (MT) on November 16. While supplies last.

Don't miss out on the tool & FREE ONLINE CLASS. 

(and get to check off one frequent flyer spot!)

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